After the TKT course

The next step is to pass the TKT Exams… Then as part of my Professional Development I think I have to consider the other TKT Exams (TKT-YL, TKT CLIL, TKT KAL, TKT Practical) as well as their preparations as a possibility to continue. I don´t know exactly what they are about but they´re definitely good options to think about…


Online Activities

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Lyrics Training is full of fun. It lets learn easily and without thinking of learning at all through a wide range of musical genres. Besides this it is adaptable to the proper level and it is so accessible that teachers and/or students can make good use of it. With Lyrics Training everyone can practice reading, listening, writing and speaking (“singing”) in an enjoyable way, so it is definitely a very useful tool.

Language Guide and Learning Chocolate are two different websites to practice and learn vocabulary. They are sectioned according to the topic and offer lots of exercises that lead to learn through multiple associations. Either the vocabulary is studied for the first time or it is reaffirmed these sites are useful at school or home.

As a part of reading…

Literature Circles Project

Literature Circles are a very effective way to involve everyone in an active learning. They let every group member has an important and indispensable role in the knowledge building through responsible self-government. In addition Literature Circles are so extensive that they can be useful in every reading period (Pre-Reading/While-Reading/Post-Reading) to enrich the whole.

About CEFR and ALTE


The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment (CEFR) is very important in the world as it is one  international reference for the recognition of language qualifications. Besides this well-known reference, it exists The Association of Language Testers of Europe (ALTE) that provides foreign language examinations and that has worked on the Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning and Teaching. Both references are useful for teachers, teacher trainers, test writers, material writers, etc. in the teacher training, language assessment, language curriculum development, material production, etc. domains because they involve everything related with language learning. Language qualifications need validation and it is necessary to know how to get it!






New vocabulary on practice

I chose a pre-made puzzle at Puzzlemaker. The idea was to remember the parts of speech after having studied them. It was a very easy way to practice and an stimulating activity. It really helped me not only while searching the extra exercise but while doing it, so it was worth. Try it at


Reflection #1

I agree with the teachers’ comment that says: “Children don’t learn grammar when they learn their first language but adults who learn a second language really need to.” Children at the language learning phase are prepared to learn without questions while adults need to be aware of what they are learning, so they really need explanation of almost every single thing they learn because it permits them to reach and “hold” the knowledge.

Reflection #2

Getting to know words is definitely a long process that has to be learn bit by bit. The first step is to learn the word’s spelling, pronunciation and most frequent denotative meaning. Then the process continues by practicing again and again to find out more about the different word’s meanings it can get from the context, and so to extend the knowledge of the word.

Lifelong Learning
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Web 2.0 tools?

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See the information and experiences shared about web 2.0 tools on this site

Course start

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The TKT Preparation Course is a new challenge that has to be taken as an opportunity of growth. It will definitely lead us to be more actives and reflectives on the teaching and learning process. 

Hello world!


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WELCOME TO VIOLETTA VERDI’S BLOG…I’m sure we will spend a very good time sharing and learning from each other… Let’s create a very useful community…


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